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Ribui reinvents the Haggadah for the iPad

We’ve taken a 2,500 year old book (the Haggadah), that tells the story of the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, and together with the lovely people at M&C Saatchi we’ve reengineered it for the 21st century. ADDED BONUS! Get the Haggadah as a FREE downloadable PDF for your guests to use as a companion to the iPad version. Click here

Haggadah for the iPad

Now you can personalise your own route through the content

Millions of Jewish people read the Haggadah each year on the festival of Passover. The story is told with all the family present at a meal called the Seder.

The challenge

The book was written 2,500 years ago in Hebrew and, whilst its messages are universal, the language, even in translation, can be inaccessible.

Haggadah for the iPad

Now you can tailor the book and its content to your needs

You can choose a Modern or Traditional translation, how long you want to spend on the content, and what other interpretive content topics interest you. Based on your choices the content changes accordingly.

A bespoke book

Based on your planning choices the app shows which sections will be included and how long they will take. You can access a short summary on each section and add or remove it.

Haggadah for the iPad

The Seder made simple

The Seder meal is highly interactive with lots of songs and actions and the Haggadah is its guide book. We’ve provided clear instructions that simplify the process together with recordings of all of the songs embedded with the lyrics to help you have a great experience.

Haggadah for the iPad

Interpretive content is available at the touch of a button

You can open a side bar that provides content in video, audio, visual and story format that’s tailored to your interest choices.

Take notes as you go

You can take notes as you go and store them from year to year.

Haggadah for the iPad

M&C Saatchi

Click on the version of the Haggadah below that you would like. Each file is a full colour PDF for you to print out and use as much as you like at the Seder. Happy Passover!

Modern Sephardi- Click here
Modern Ashkenazi - Click here
Traditional Sephardi - Click here
Traditional Ashkenazi- Click here

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